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Already from 2005, we can be proud of ourselves as suppliers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briquette, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pinewood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs. All clients and supermarkets that are looking for high-quality wood products for their needs always rely on our services respecting our reliability and accountability.

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All-Wood KFT

All-Wood KFT  is one of the largest producers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briquettes, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pinewood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs, etc in Hungary. The company was founded in 2005 in Hungary. The main goal is to produce environmentally friendly bio-fuel – wood pellets.

From the beginning, we set ourselves the task of organizing the production, which would produce the highest quality wood products that comply with all European standards. Choosing a place to put a factory, we mainly focused on ecologically clean regions of Hungary. 

The raw materials used by non-polluting waste timber and sawmill. When selecting equipment, we are primarily guided by its reliability, performance, environmental friendliness. Thus, in the process of pellet production is used the equipment by leading European and Hungary producers, among them.

Our mission is to produce premium quality, natural wood products, which lasts and serve for generations. Our goal is to satisfy our customers‘ needs, to continuously develop our company and to provide our employees with a safe livelihood.

In our production, we mix modern technology with our craftsmen’s decade-long experience. They give us traditions and the past’s values.  this is what makes every product unique and unrepeatable.

As Manufacturers,. We acquire our raw material from forestry that also promote sustainability to make sure that even our grandchildren will see the forests’ rich wildlife and experience their magical atmosphere.

All-Wood KFT Facility

 ALL-WOOD KFT is a Hungarian company with an international reputation, led by professionals with deep experiences within the wood sector and wood production.


Quality – our client’s customer’s satisfaction level is our products quality meter.

ALL-Wood KFT is located in the middle of Hungary, and it supplies customers all over Europe.

Firewood, kindling sticks, wood briquettes, and pellets are products that provide our consumer homes with warmth, comfort and most importantly coziness. Furthermore, wood fuels are also the number one product for our business clients, such as supermarkets, gas stations, and distributors. As we are not ordinary firewood, kindling sticks, wood briquettes pellets or other wood fuel suppliers, we work as professional consultants for our consumers and business clients.

If your livelihood is wood fuels business and you are look for reliable suppliers who are easy to communicate with and who listens to all your needs as well as provides with best advice and solutions, you are just at the right place. Do not hesitate and feel free to contact one of our company employees for further information

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