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Address: Vál, Damjanich u. 2, 2473 Hungary

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Business Registration Number: 026406

VAT Number : HU 23507807

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Taking technology, environment, and marketing factors into account, the management focuses on manufacturing on wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briquettes, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pinewood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs, while also creating edged and un-edged lumber and parquet material of Hungarian and European standards. Our company supplies these wood products to various European markets, and outside Europe as well beside Hungary. We are ready to accept custom orders too

Our management is constantly trying to develop and improve efficiency. In the near future, we are planning to optimize our cutting technology, increase our steaming capacity, and improve on quality and processing of the produced lumber.

Our mission is to produce premium quality, natural wood products, which lasts and serve for generations. Our goal is to satisfy our customers‘ needs, to continuously develop our company and to provide our employees with a safe livelihood.

In our production, we mix modern technology with our craftsmen’s decade-long experience. They give us traditions and the past’s values.  this is what makes every product unique and unrepeatable.

As Manufacturers,. We acquire our raw material from forestry that also promote sustainability to make sure that even our grandchildren will see the forests’ rich wildlife and experience their magical atmosphere.

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